Is My Baby Photographer a subscription-based APP?

No. My Baby Photographer lets you try out the templates first, and if you like the results, you purchase each template separately.

How much are the templates?

The price of each template varies, but in average, the price per template averages out to about $7 to $10 CAD each.  

When is the best time to use the APP?

We recommend starting to take photos of your baby as soon as 1 week and up to 6 months.   By following the instructions, you can take photos while using the APP, or take photos with your phone outside the APP and store them in your gallery, to use the APP when you have some free time.

Do I need special lighting to take photos of my baby?

No. All you need is a window. Make sure the window is on your left and that there is no direct sunlight on your baby.

Do I need to take a photo of my baby’s full body?

No. All you need is the face of your baby. Make sure that your baby’s face is unobstructed.  We recommend swaddling your baby if you can.